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Samba Server

 Samba Server

Samba Server is a protocol developed on the Linux Operating System to serve demand for the exchange of data between machines Ms. Windows and Linux as well as airport usage data together.

Another understanding of Samba is an open source program that provides file sharing services (file service) and sharing tools printer (print service), NetBIOS name resolution and service announcements (NetBIOS service announcement / browsing). As an application file server, allowing Samba file, display devices, and some other resources to be used by many users in the UNIX family of operating systems, and allow interoperability with Windows operating systems. Samba made based protocol Server Message Block (SMB), by Andrew Tridgell. (From indonesian Wikipedia, free encyclopedia)

Principle and How it Works Samba
Samba consists of two programs running in the background: DBMS and nmbd. DBMS is a file server that will generate a new process for every client who is active duty while nmbd convert computer names (NetBIOS) to IP addresses as well as monitoring the share on the network. Working DBMS itself is set via a configuration file /etc/samba/smb.conf. By making the appropriate configuration file, Samba can be used as a file server, print server, domain controller, and many other functions.
With the development of TCP / IP, then the NT 4.0 adds a feature called Windows Sockets (WINSOCK.dll). Point for the NetBEUI protocol can not routing, can be run-over routing protocols that can be as TCP / IP. Novell Netware users may be familiar with the term "IPX encapsulated with TCP / IP.", Well as that process NetBEUI that run over TCP / IP. Here lies the advantage Samba, because every process RPC (Remote Procedure Call) requires a transport protocol, then once we install the TCP / IP in Windows, then we make the IP address Samba as a WINS (Windows Internet Name Server) on the computer, then Windows will assume our Linux machine as Windows.
WINS itself is nothing but the NetBIOS Name Service (NBNS). That the process Name Resolution and Browsing. Indeed, WINS = NBNS, which is a service in which the NetBIOS Name resolvable to an IP address, much like DNS (Domain Name Service) which resolves the IP address to a host name.

History Birth of Samba

Years ago, in the early days of the PC, IBM and Sytec develop a network system called the NetBIOS (Network Basic Input Operating System). NetBIOS is a software that provides an interface between programs and hardware network. Addressing the 16-bit NetBIOS uses the name that is now known as the NetBIOS Name. In the Windows NT environment, also called the NetBIOS Name Computer Name.
Then Microsoft added a feature in the form of I / O redirection, so a local resource (printer, hard disk) can be accessed via the network to another computer, the shape, smell and taste like a high impact on the local computer that is accessing it. If you are a user or LAN Manager MS-DOS Client, you are certainly familiar with the command "Net use drive: \\ computer name \ share name" or a Windows user with the Map Network Drive command. Both make a remote resource on a computer running the command as if it were on the computer.
Microsoft calls this feature additions as NetBEUI. This is then misinterpreted that NetBEUI is a standard protocol in a network environment from Microsoft. Though the name of the I / O redirection of NetBEUI is the SMB (Server Message Block) or in the terms of the Microsoft CIFS (Common Internet File System). Full details on the SMB protocol can be read in RFC 1001 and 1002.
In the standard protocol LAN Manager and Windows (NetBEUI, SMB aka, aka CIFS), the most important thing into veins is the ability to file and print sharing, and browsing capabilities. Then with the advent of NT, added two additional features, namely authentication and authorization for each service to be accessed. So if we talk NetBEUI, there are actually two components contained therein; (1) NetBIOS as identifiers computers to each other and (2) I / O Redirection as a shared facility to provide access to shared resources and other computers.
In December 1991, a birth history Samba Server, which is created by an Andrew Tridgell, PhD student (PhD) in Computer Science at the Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, Australia. Singkatya, 1992 Samba project created to address the issues that arise when his he wanted to connect his computer (Linux) with a computer (Ms.Windows). (Actually, samba has been made before but have not been ported to the Linux Operating System. In 1992, the Samba team which originally stood at that time consisted of Jeremy Allison, Jochen Hupert, Matthew Harrell, Frank Varnavas and some other hackers that are scattered throughout the world.

Excellence SAMBA
a. Free or free
b. Available for multiple platforms
c. Easily configurable by administrator
d. It is connected directly to the network
e. Has a maximum performance.
f. Reliable because it rarely goes wrong.

Samba Server Function
a. Linking between Linux machines (UNIX) with Windows machines.
b. Samba PDC (Primary Domain Controller) is intended as a computer which will validate the user to every client who will join in a particular domain.
c. Can function as a domain controller on a Microsoft Windows network.

Facilities that can bridge the software sambaa. Sharing files with samba.b. The use of swat.c. Sharing with samba equipment such as printers and others.d. User group and security settings such as the configuration of samba as PDC.e. Supports DHCP.f. DNS support.g. Linux security settings in the network such as firewalls and anti-virus.h. The use of FTP server.i. Webserver usage.j. Configuring the Internet gateway.k. Use of mail server.l. The use of a proxy server.m. The use of telnet and SSH.

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