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Explanation text

Explanation text
 Assalamualaikum wr.wb
 This time I will post the Indonesian language teaching about explanatory text. Anyone know not type this text. If you do not know I love to know. This text usually contains the process for an occurrence in the form of natural events, social, and others. For example, the occurrence of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and many other examples. Just like the other text, this text also has the structure of the text and linguistic characteristics of its own, the following explanation.Understanding eskplanasi text is the text that contains the 'why' and 'how' of natural events, social, scientific, cultural, and others may occur.Text text eskplanasi structure has a structure consisting of a general statement, the sequence of cause and effect, interpretation. The function of each of these structures, namely:1. A general statement, is used to describe a general statement about a topic that will be explained the process of its existence, the process of the case, or the process of formation.2. The sequence of cause and effect, function provides exposition / explanation of the process in detail, answering the question of how, and allow the process to be explained with words stages (first, second, ...).3. Interpretation, serves to provide conclusions contain statements or views of the authors of a topic that has been described.Text eskplanasi linguistic traits typically have the following characteristics.1. Focus on the general, not the human participants.2. It is possible to use a scientific term and a loan word.3. Using material and relational verbs (active verb).4. Using the conjunction of time and causal.5. Using the passive voice.6. The written explanation to make the justification that something is causally explained it was true.The terms contained in the explanatory text· Verbs materialThat verb that refers to the physical act.· The verb relationalIe copula which serves to connect the subject with complementary. Example is, be, have, any, are.· Conjunction causalNamely conjunction that connects two or more clauses that have a causal relationship. For example if, if, so, if, then, therefore, therefore, because.· Temporal conjunctionsIe conjunctions which refers to the time line and a means of text cohesion. For example, first, then, when, and, then, at that moment, after, when, finally, before, at this time, nowadays, ever since.· Passive sentencesThat is a sentence in which the subject acts as a patient or subject of work.

A few of my post. Thanks.
Wassalamu'alaikum wr.wb
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