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The behavior of people who believe in Allah's book

Benefits Faith in Allah's book

Benefits Faith in Allah's book. Faithful to the books of Allah. means trust and believe wholeheartedly that God Almighty. has lowered his books which contain a revelation to the apostles to be delivered and taught to mankind. Faithful to the books of Allah is the third pillar of faith. Muslims are obliged to believe and trust in earnest.

Believing that the whole book of God is on his word and not the creation. because kalam (speech) is the nature of God and the nature of God is not a creature. Muslims must believe that Al-Qur`an is the legal removal of all holy book down before.

Benefits of faith in the Books of Allah is as a hint of life. Humans live in the world requires the user to be his focus. The necessary instructions must have high quality exceeds the guidelines can lead to the goal of human life is a holy book that was revealed by Allah SWT to His apostles

Benefits faithful to books of Allah :
1. The strengthening of faith in Allah Almighty.
2. Strengthening one's faith to the task of the Prophet Muhammad.
3. Adding science
4. Instill the attitude of tolerance of followers of other religions.

The behavior of people who believe in the Books of Allah:
1. Have respect and appreciate the scriptures as a book that has a notch above all other books
2. Trying to maintain the sanctity of the holy book and defend it if there are other parties who underestimated him.
3. Want to study in earnest instructions on the inside, either by reading alone or attend majlis taklim.
4. Trying to practice the directives in accordance with the capabilities of
5. Trying to disseminate these instructions to others, both within their own families and communities
6. Trying to improve his reading to learn the science of recitation.
7. Subject to existing laws in the scriptures in solving a problem.

Behavior that reflects God's Book of Faith To:

1. Believing that the Book of Allah is true comes from God.

2. Making the book of God as a guide (hudan) special book revealed


3. Understand what it implies.

4. practice in everyday life

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