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Entrepreneurial, entrepreneur and entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial, entrepreneur and entrepreneurship
 1. Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneur is someone who has the ability to see and assess business opportunities and to gather the resources needed to take advantage and appropriate action in order to achieve success.2. EntrepreneurEntrepreneur is the term for perpetrators of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is the dynamic behavior, risk-taking, reactive, and always evolving.3. EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship is the spirit, behavior, and ability to respond positively to the opportunity to gain an advantage or a better service to customers or the public.

The purpose of entrepreneurshipa. Realising the ability and steadiness entrepreneurs to produce progress and prosperityb. Cultivating the spirit, attitude, behavior, and entrepreneurial abilities reliable and superior in the community.c. Develop awareness and entrepreneurial orientation is robust against the community.

Benefits of the entrepreneura. Helping others in social development in accordance with their abilities.b. Giving examples of community members as personal excellence and exemplary.c. Adding manpower capacity so as to reduce unemployment.d. Educate employees to be an independent person, disciplined, diligent and honest in the face of the work.e. Giving an example of how to work hard, diligently, but not forgetting the religious orders.f. Educating people to live independently.g. Acts as a generator development environment, personal, environmental preservation and well-being.

Advantages of entrepreneurshipa. AutonomyManagement of free and not bound to make entrepreneurship being a "boss" full satisfaction.b. The initial challenge and achievement motiveThe opportunity to build a business concept that can generate profit is very motivating entrepreneurs.c. financial controlNon manage your finances and feel as your own wealth.

Losses entrepreneurshipa. personal sacrificeInitially, entrepreneurs have to work with a long time because it is too busy, almost all the time spent on business activities.b. The burden of responsibilityEntrepreneurial must manage all business functions, such functions as marketing, finance, personnel, logistics, and training.c. Profit margins and the possibility of failureBecause entrepreneurs using small profit and using its own capital, the gains are also small and the possibility of failure.
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