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What is Chat GPT and How to Use It? Equipped with a list and characteristics of fake Chat GPTs

The Chat GPT application has recently gone viral on social media.

Said to be more sophisticated than Google, now many Internet users want to try Chat GPT.

But don't rush to download Chat GPT, so you don't get fooled by fake ones.

Because Chat GPT can be detrimental to its users.

For this reason, here is an understanding of what Chat GPT is and how to use it.

This article also includes a list and characteristics of fake GPT chats circulating in the Play Store and App Store.

What is Chat GPT?

To note, Chat GPT is a Language Model platform (language model).

Conceptually, the Language Model itself is a learning machine that can provide predictions for the next word by analyzing text in data.

The prediction becomes the response or output of the text command inputted by the user in the Language Model.

For example, the user enters the text "I want to eat", then the Language Model will complete it based on the data so "I want to eat tofu".

In Chat GPT, the response is not that simple.

Through Chat GPT, OpenAI creates a Language Model that can carry out a conversation naturally, like talking to humans.

In order to generate such conversational models, Chat GPT is trained by AI assistants and human AI trainers with complex data sets.

With this exercise, Chat GPT can produce natural responses when interacting with users.

Chat GPT can answer follow-up questions related to previous questions.

Then, it can also admit mistakes, challenge wrong statements, and refuse requests that are considered inappropriate.

As a trained Language Model, the function of Chat GPT is to provide responses to users based on the words entered.

Almost any word that the user inputs can be responded to by Chat GPT.

However, quoted from the official OpenAI website, this response has limitations.

Chat GPT is trained not to respond to statements and questions that are deemed inappropriate, such as requests to commit crimes such as theft, harassment or murder.

When the user enters commands leading to those actions, Chat GPT will not respond to them and warn that it is classified as illegal activity.

The next limitation is certainty regarding the correctness of the responses provided by Chat GPT.

OpenAI itself admits that there may be misinformation in the responses from the Chat GPT.

Chat GPT also has limited knowledge and events for things that happen after 2021.

Then, how to use Chat GPT?

How to use Chat GPT

Visit this Chat GPT link and login to your OpenAI account.

Login can use a Google account (Gmail account).

After successfully logging in, please enter a question or statement in the conversation column provided.

For example, "What should I do when the boss is angry?".

Next, send the input and Chat GPT will provide a response.

Users can get a different composition of responses from Chat GPT by tapping the 'Try Again' option.

Beware of Fake Chat GPT applications

The Chat GPT application can now be downloaded on Google Play and the App Store.

You need to be careful. Don't download fake Chat GPT apps.

Because the fake Chat GPT application can drain the user's account balance.

"What we found were some unsanitary and fake apps that provide no value to users.

Instead, they invade their privacy to use their data. Your location information is shared with ByteDance, Amazon, Appodeal, and InMobi, among others, through the ChatGPT AI Writing Assistant application," Top10VPN said in a quote from Gizchina.

Below is an explanation of what Chat GPT is and a list of fake Chat GPT applications that should immediately remove from your device.

  • AI Chat Companion
  • ChatGPT 3: ChatGPT AI
  • Talk GPT - Talk to ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT AI Writing Assistant
  • Open Chat - AI Chatbot App

App Stores (iOS):

  • Open Chat - AI Chatbot
  • Wisdom AI - Your AI Assistant
  • Chat AI: Personal AI Assistant
  • Alfred - Chat with GPT 3
  • TalkGPT - Talk to ChatGPT
  • Write For Me GPT AI Assistant
  • Genie - GPT AI Assistant
  • Features of Fake Chat GPT

Quoted from Gizchina, the Top 10 VPNs found many fake Chat GPT applications on the Google Play Store and on the App Store.

The Top 10 VPN parties reveal that these fake Chat GPT apps are unclean and provide no value to their users.

Instead, they invade the privacy of users using their data.

Some examples of these fake Chat GPT applications include AI Chat Companion, Chat GPT 3: GPT AI Chat, GPT-Talk to ChatGPT Talk, Open Chat-AI Chatbot, and so on.

Then, what are the characteristics of fake GPT chats that people need to be aware of?

  • Fake GPT chats tend to answer questions with less relevance.
  • Fake GPT chats often ask for payment or subscription fees. The original GPT Chat from OpenAI is free for all users without exception.
  • Fake GPT chats are developed by other developers besides OpenAI. Whereas, the original GPT Chat was only developed by OpenAI.
  • Fake GPT chats do not guarantee data security and have the potential to share user data with third parties.
  • The developers or developers of this fake Chat GPT do not provide data deletion options to their users.
  • Fake GPT chats are available as an app. In fact, until now the original Chat GPT from OpenAI can only be accessed through the website and is not yet available as an application for the public.

If you find an application that claims to be Chat GPT, then the chatbot application is of course fake and not from OpenAI.

Top 10VPN also recommends that users who have already downloaded the application must delete it immediately.


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