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Definition of Cloud Computing

Definition of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a combination of the use of computer technology ("computing") and Internet-based development ("cloud"). Cloud computing is a concept of understanding within a framework that makes computer-based computing (LAN) and global (internet) that contains a variety of applications and storage media that can be accessed and shared (shared services) and carried out (simultaneous access) by diverse users - from individuals to corporate or corporate user classes.

Cloud (cloud) is a metaphor of the internet, given a cloud that is often explained in computer network diagrams. As a cloud in the computer network diagram, the cloud in Cloud Computing is also an abstraction of the complex infrastructure it is hiding. It is a computational method in which information technology-related capabilities are presented as services (as services), so that users can be accessed via the Internet ("in the cloud") without knowing what is inside, experts, or related to technology. who helped him.

Of course every new technology that is developed must have advantages over the previous one. In the case of old technology, conventional servers will be limited by the number of core processors, hard disks and memory. With physical limitations, it is not possible to burden conventional servers with maximum load. If the resources / resources run out, we usually have to reinstall all applications and data on a larger capacity server and migrate all existing applications to the new server. It will take 1-2 days to prepare a new server, even if all the processes are going well.

The interesting thing about Cloud Computing on Conventional Server listening Appeals, especially
  • Physically consists of hardware / servers that are connected in a network (LAN / WAN). But from the side, users can see a large computer.
  • There is no limit to the capacity of the processor, hard disk capacity and memory capacity.
  • There is no limit to the number of "hosting" servers running behind it.
  • It is expected that "hosting" only takes a few minutes.
  • If there is a lack of resources, a good processor, hard disk or memory, we can easily add additional servers and can directly integrate into the cloud network. It takes about 20 minutes to install an empty / new server to be able to integrate into the cloud network.

Connections to access to cloud computing "may" be done in a variety of ways - ranging from standard LAN or intranet access with several agent or client applications, to access extranet and internet through browsers connected to the application portal from cloud computing service providers. The application protocols used are diverse, but this is important, it is also significant for end users to see, where end users know enough about how to access and use services available on Cloud computing.

Cloud computing is actually a new thing, actually we have used the concept to be developed until now. The following is an example of the use of the concept of making computing work online:

  • An internet portal that has various public service facilities (applications) ranging from electronic mail (e-mail), discussion forums) to document storage with very wide storage media to permit document sharing (such as 4shared, indowebster, mediafire etc.), blog services etc. All of them are provided in a place.
  • Services as a Service or SaaS from a variety of leading information technology vendors - from online virus scanning services to spam scanning services, etc.
  • this simple blog article can be delivered as a Cloud computing service where you can access and use it fully.
  • Point of Sale or POS applications on supermarkets with Terminal Services method can also be categorized as the basics of Cloud Computing.

Cloud computing can be developed in terms of "easy" use of end users with "relatively relative" to easily use LAN or Internet media through a browser to quickly access and collaborate through a complicated "enough" process. Cloud Computing doesn't have to use the public Internet. This technology can be operated on a LAN on IntraNet. Cloud Computing in Internet infrastructure is commonly called public cloud. Cloud Computing in LAN / IntraNet is commonly called private cloud.

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