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APEC member countries

APEC member countries

Have you ever heard APEC? Maybe we have read the news and got that information through school. APEC is an extension of Asia Pacific Cooperation or a collaborative organization whose members consist of various countries in the Asia Pacific region. 

APEC was first established in 1989. We need to know that the majority of countries in the Asia-Pacific region are included in this organization. How about Indonesia? Of course Indonesia is a country that has participated in the APEC organization. Regarding the function or purpose of the establishment of APEC, this organization has a function to strengthen economic growth.

In addition, APEC also functions to strengthen the community and also encourage free trade in the Asia-Pacific region. At first, the initial goal of establishing APEC was as a response to economic growth independently in countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Then, a block of trade emerged in other parts of the world. APEC also aims to establish a new market that will grow agricultural products as well as raw materials from outside Europe.

Today, no fewer than 22 countries have joined APEC. The majority of countries incorporated into the organization have a coastline that is directly connected to the Pacific Ocean. Even so, this is not one of the conditions or criteria of a country to enter APEC. Countries belonging to one in APEC will use an economic term for members and not member countries.

Every year, APEC always holds meetings or what we know better as the High Level Conference or Summit between countries that are members of APEC. Usually, participants who attended were representatives of each head of state who led the country. The first APEC meeting was held in Canberra, Australia in 1989. The number of members present at that time was approximately 12. One of the results of the first meeting was a commitment where meetings will be held annually and for the future in Singapore and also in South Korea.

After that, the annual APEC meeting will be held alternately in countries joined in the organization which will later act as hosts. One of the cities in Indonesia, namely Bogor has also been used as the host of the APEC Summit in 1994.

Below we will provide a list of countries that are members of the APEC organization or economic organizations throughout the Asia Pacific. We will also present complete information about the country based on what year the country concerned joined APEC.

· Australia joined in 1989

· Brunei Darussalam joined you in 1989

· Canada joined in 1989

· Indonesia joined in 1989

· Japan joined in 1989

· South Korea joined in 1989

· Malaysia joined in 1989

· New Zealand joined in 1989

· The Philippines joined in 1989

· Singapore joined in 1989

· Thailand

· The United States joined in 1989

· The Republic of China joined in 1991

· Hong Kong joined in 1991

· PRC (Raykat Republic of China) joined in 1991

· Mexico joined in 1993

· Papua New Guinea joined in 1993

· Chile joined in 1994

· Peru joined in 1998

· Russia joined in 1998

· Vietnam joined in 1998

· Mongolia joined in 2013


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