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Water and Air Pollution

Water and Air Pollution Good morning every body. Now it's time for me to share a very important matter. This time I will to describe about water and air pollution.
Definition of Water Pollution and AirHere is the definition of water pollution and air pollution.· Water pollutionWater pollution is a change of state in a water reservoir due to human activities.· Air pollutionAir pollution is the presence of one or more physical substance, chemical, or biological weapons in the atmosphere in an amount which can endanger the health and interfere with.Causes of Water Pollution and AirCauses of water pollutionSome of the causes of water pollution :

Disposal of industrial waste waters.
Disposal of household waste into the river.
Excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides.
Erosion.The cause of air pollutionHere are some of the causes of air pollution:

Factory chimneys and exhaust fumes
Smoke volcanic volcano
Radioactive materials from nuclear
Smoke from burning coal
The use of property with CFC
Water and Air Pollution SolutionsSolution of water pollution :· Do not throw garbage or waste into rivers· Using water wisely· Not terlallu often use pesticides and fertilizers· Be aware of the continuity of water supplySolutions of air pollution include:· Reforestation· Reduction in Use of CFC· Using Public Transportation· Uses the environmentally friendly fuel· Utilizing biogas as fuelStudent contributionsAs a student, it is proper to contribute so that water and air pollution can be minimized, here are some of the contributions made by the students.· Conducting activities that have a positive social impact.· Prevent things that cause contamination of air and water.· Develop ketanggapsertaan social communities to conduct surveillance· Advising opinion (through discussions, socialization, and so on).· Increase the independence of the community to reduce the impact caused by water and air pollution.· Maintaining the continuity of the availability of water and the air with no damage or cause pollution.

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