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Config ssh linux in debian

Assalamu'alaikum Wr.Wb 
Today I will share knowledge about the SSH Server on Debian. SSH Server is used to remotely Debian server and to upload a file from Windows to Debian Server. Debian server to remotely usually use Putty, while for ordinary file uploads using WinSCP. But this time I will discuss is WinSCP to upload a file on the condition that the SSH server is installed on the server debian. Before starting the installation of SSH Server, make sure the ip address in debian already be set, as well as in Windows so that Windows and Debian can be connected. Then we install SSH Server. Here are the steps.

 1. Open Terminal on Debian Linux, enter as root by typing "su". Then install ssh-server with the command: # apt-get install ssh server (make sure cd debian already put in cdrom / virtual machine).

2. To start the ssh-server, type: # /etc/init.d/ssh start 

3. Then in the Windows client, open the program WinSCP. Fill as follows.

File protocol: SFTP

Host name: (server ip debian)

Username: root

Password: ***** (root password)

Then click "Login" and wait until it has successfully connected.


4. Once connected will appear on WinSCP two parts, the left is the Windows client and the right is a Debian server. To upload a file select the source directory in Windows and in the destination directory debian. After that drag and drop the files you want to upload from Windows to Debian.

5. After the check in Server debian. Go to the destination directory and type "ls" to display the contents of the directory. If successful, the uploaded file was going to be in the directory. 

A few of my post today. May be useful for all my friends. 
Wassalamualaikum wr. wb
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