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What is the difference in the function base_url () with the function site_url () in CodeIgniter?

Fungis base_url()and site_url()are two functions for retrieving web URLs in the CodeIgniter framework. Both of these functions can be used by activating the helper url first.

Function base_url()

the function base_url()will generate a basic url based on the configuration filled in config.phpSuppose the configuration is like this.
$config['base_url'] = '';
So, when we use a function base_url(), we get a value:

Function site_url()

As the name implies, the function site_url()will generate a URL or web address along with the index file. Suppose the web configuration is as follows.
$config['base_url'] = '';
$config['index_page'] = 'index.php';
So, when we use a function site_url(), we get a value:

When base_url()and when to site_url()use?

After the results obtained from the function, we can guess for ourselves when the right time to use it.
The function is base_url()usually used to create a URL from a resource that is in the (root) web directory For example, make URL assets like the following.
Example URL Base Function
Meanwhile, functions are site_url()often used to make URLs to Controllers or in other words, this function is used to access certain Controllers.
Examples of its use are as follows:
Example of Using site_url ()
Another example use of the function site_url()to shift (redirect) .
Use Site URL to redirect


The function base_url()and function site_url()are the help functions of the helper url .
This function is used to retrieve the basic URL and web URL.
The function is base_url()used to build a url to access the current resource in the web root directory .
While the function is site_url()used to access certain controllers .
More or less, that's my conclusion. Maybe something is not right, please add it.

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